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How to get a online bookmarkstore through google/psearch ?

  • Do you know that Google stores all your web activities ? Surprised !! Don't be, yes, if you are log in then Google is storing all your web searches in a tool known as GOOGLE - PSEARCH , this latest trend is not well known to all of you. So when you delete all history of a browser and think that nothing left behind, it's not so, you are leaving everything behind.

  • What is there in the Google/psearch ? Well a fully detailed analysis much like analytic tools. Below I have provided some images to show what type of analytic results it contain.

  • You can also delete your history one by one or to delete completely go to the settings and select (delete all), it will be deleted. There you can (turn off) your Google Search so that Google don't store your searches.
  • Now this can be used as a online bookmark store, you can recover all your bookmarks in case of any browser crash which is beyond recovery.

  • Log in to your Google Psearch / Activity Account hare
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