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How to search properly in google?

» Well most of us don't know the proper using of Google search. Google have improved themselves and spent a lot to improve.

» When we search in Google we see a menu list of search options like this

» Most of us overlook this but this is a important function to get our accurate results in Google. If we need images/photos we can click on the images,maps and in the more option we have other types which is shown below,which is also the most overlooked spot.

» Now we come to the search tool option which is on the right side of the {tools} option , clicking on that will open a menu behind that like this having 4 options namely {the web - it gives you option that if you want to search the web from the world or just your country} , {any time - means you want to view the pages from the past hour, 24 hours, week, month and so on - this is extremely helpful for news search}, {all results - gives you choice to select various options - helpful for students}, {location - from where you are browsing}

» Similarly, when we browse Google search through our mobile phones you will find a drop down box above and below which have options like music,blogs,news etc which is amazing to use. It has got another most powerful option that you can search anything for {mobile}, the result show the links with a mobile symbol behind, this means that these sites are best suited for mobile devices, trust me friends it's simply superb because you will get the desired thing extremely fast. This is what I say proper using of Google search.

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