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What is WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware ?

It's a kind of Malware to be precise a "Ransomware" that locks down your files on your computers by encrypting it and asking you pay $300 - $600 in Bitcoins to get keys to decrypt your files again so that you can use them. You must not pay in any condition because they won't give you the key. The files included not only your valuable documents but also all your photos, videos, mp3 etc. A image is given below to understand what kind of the message it will display if it enters your system.
WannaCry 2.0
[Read More in Wikipedia]

How to prevent your computer from getting these ransomware attacks ?

Install latest security updates through windows auto update to prevent it because this virus spreads like wildfire and doesn't even require you to open it or visit a porn site (which is a common reason for most of the ransomwares and malwares) to get on your machine if you have one of the NSA hacking tool vulnerabilities that could be unpatched on your machine.
You can manually download the update from here :…/libr…/security/ms17-010.aspx

2)BLOCK THE TCP PORTS 135 and 445
According to the reports of antivirus companies, wcrypt penetrates computers through SMB (Server Message Block) ports. To prevent penetration, we block the ports 135 and 445 through which the virus penetrates (in most cases they are not used by ordinary users).
To do this, open the console with administrator rights cmd.exe :- run as administrator. And we execute in turn 2 commands (after each command there should be status OK).
(netsh advfirewall firewall add rule dir=in action=block protocol=TCP localport=135 name="Block_TCP-135")
(netsh advfirewall firewall add rule dir=in action=block protocol=TCP localport=445 name="Block_TCP-445")

The vulnerability can also be closed by completely disabling SMBv1 support. Run this command in cmd [run as administrator].
Wait for 15 to 20 seconds or more untill the message appears "The Operation Completed Successfully" COMMAND :-
(dism /online /norestart /disable-feature /featurename:SMB1Protocol)

A user on reddit name "scrubs2009" said that he noticed utorrent is infecting his pc with malwares and a lot of other people confirmed it too so one should avoid utorrent right now.
You can use "Deluge", "Vuze" or "qbittorent".

You can download anti-ransomware program made by sophos to stay protected from ransomware attacks as said by them... Download link : (

You can also try bitdefender total security 2017, one of the best anti-viruses out there, comes up with advanced ransomware protection.
Download link : (

Last but not least, the most important step is to have a backup of all your shit on an external computer or laptop that doesn't comes in contact with the internet. So in case nothing works or shit goes wrong. You don't loose your data.

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